FIX for “OUT of HTML5 Offline Storage Space” Error 2019

Article about FIX for “OUT of HTML5 Offline Storage Space” Error If you’ve been using a lot, you’ll eventually run into this issue, at least when you download some amount of GB on browser, the limit used to be 10 GB, but since mega gets worse over time as it’s only 3 GB now.

out of html5 offline storage space

FIX for “OUT of HTML5 Offline Storage Space” Error

What does it mean to get the email “OUT of HTML5 Offline Storage Space” after downloading 3 GB as shown in the image above or “Error entry folder, is your hard-drive almost complete? (getFile) “so far as I understand this can be prevented by using the MegaSync client or if you still want to use the” download through your computer “technique then follow the measures below:

  1. On google Chrome put this into the address bar: chrome://settings/cookies
    and press enter. (it is a good idea to add it to the favorites bar)
  2. in there a window will pop up, in that window search foe “mega”. Delete all the cookies you find with the x that shows up when hovering, see the picture below:
  3. Once you delete the cache. Reload the mega download page and once again click download through your browser, this time it will complete.
  4. That’s it!

Remember to check your cache from time to time and remove it if it gets near 3GB.

Do not clear your cache while downloading a file, you will lose it and be forced to start over.

I hope this helped about out of html5 storage space ! Cheers!

your browser storage for mega is full
mega out of html5 offline storage space
error writing file, is your harddrive almost full? (getdirectory)

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